I am the girl...beautiful at times, at others what a mess...serving up my soul through song and this is me undressed...”
This is a Song For You...” - Leila

— Song For You

She was only 17 what could she know? So the story had been told since long ago... 50 Reasons kept the Goddesses enslaved... 50 Reasons why a girl should know her place...but what if...” - Leila

— 50 reasons

What if all you leaders became a little humble... ruled by your hearts and let your ego needs crumble? Would that threaten your security? What if we could look inside the face of a nation Black, Indian, Caucasian or Asian... and see divinity not politically” - Leila

— Open Letter

What am I...if not the chance of thunder? What are you... if not the ocean under?”
And what are we if not the gift of challenge...”
...for what is life if not the dance of balance?” - Leila

— Because We're Beautiful

...And in our quest for something more the what I have's slip out the door...the what I don'ts then flood the mind...but miracles are there to find” - Leila

— Smile

The Jones adopt their foster child...although they know his wounds will surely take awhile...and like Rosa Parks through adversity, they know nations where changed because she believed” - Leila

— That's Love